Uncensored Prayer – The spiritual practice of wrestling with God

Uncensored Prayer is the first book from a new author Joy Wilson. In her book, Joy takes one on a journey with God into an authentic relationship with God. It is a deeply personal journey for the author, yet universally applicable for anyone who wants to “get real” with God and perhaps find one’s real self.

I began reading “Uncensored Prayer” before it was even conceived as a book. I am Joy’s Husband and admit to the bias that implies. But it is not bias that leads me to recommend this book. It is 11 years of experiencing all of life with Joy, and her poetic gift. In the midst of the joy, pain, love, doubt, fear, anger, and confusion of being , Joy calls God out. She wrestles with God over what it means to be authentically human. She bares her heart and soul to the One who loves us each enough to engage personally and profoundly with each one.

Joy opens her heart to God and now to the reader as she has turns her prayer life into a spiritual practice based on open and honest communion with God. It isn’t always pretty. It has proven to be costly. It has been a source of healing for her woundedness, and a means of developing a relationship of love and trust with God. It is both redemptive and reconciling.

I listened to Joy read her poetry through the emotions of the moment that each was born, first draft and done. I have been with her as each link in the chain was forged from those moments to this one, as her work is published in book form and offered to the world. I don’t recommend “uncensored Prayer” because I love the author. I recommend it because of the profound life-giving affect it has on Joy, on me, on us, and potentially on you.


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