Buster was my cat

Buster was black and white

Which is why I named him Buster Brown

He looked like a cow

but he was not a cow-cat

I met Buster when he was a tiny kitten

He believed he was a dog

A not too bright dog

He was suckled and raised by a Pug

So he had issues

He was there when his mama died

Which added to his issues

He turned to marijuana to ease his pain

Or perhaps to ease mine

Buster was my friend, my companion

Who helped me through a really difficult time

Loss of love

Pain of loneliness

He was there

Loving me with all his little kitty heart

I loved him back

with all of mine

Buster had to go through kitty rehab

to kick his habit

to heal his spirit

to grow into the cat (dog) he was created to be

His rehab consisted of total abstinence

which meant I had to quit too

We did it together

in mutual support

It pissed him off

me too

We lived together for thirteen years

We loved each other through thick and thin

We shared life, love, hope, and dreams

We were best friends

Last Thursday I had to give Buster

One last loving gift

He was suffering

There was no cure

The gift I gave was peace

For Buster if not for me

I released His spirit back to God

who created him and led him to me

How can an act of love

hurt so bad

I love him

I miss him

And somewhere up in heaven

Buster is with his Miss Otis mom

Being the best cat or dog that he can be

waiting for me to come home too


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